Bioclipse-R refers to the integration of the R statistical language in Bioclipse. If you use Bioclipse-R in your research, please cite:

Bioclipse-R: Integrating management and visualization of life science data with statistical analysis
 Ola Spjuth, Valentin Georgiev, Lars Carlsson, Egon Willighagen, Jonathan Alvarsson, Arvid Berg, Jarl E.S. Wikberg, and Martin Eklund
2012 Nov 23. [Epub ahead of print] LINK TO ARTICLE


Getting started

Window -> Show View -> Other... -> Scripting -> R Console will show the R console, where R code can be run interactively. Some example commands:
> 2+2 # Add numbers
[1] 4
> sin(pi/3) # Compute sinus of
[1] 0.8660254
> x <- c(1,2,3,4,5,6) # Create a vector
> y <- x^2 # Square the elements of x
> y # print (vector) y
[1] 1 4 9162536
> plot(x, y) # Plots the vector x against y
> ?plot # Get help about plot command (can be used with any command)
The R editor provides convenient options for working with R scripts.
A tutorial is available for Building QSAR models for virtual screening and mutagenicity predictions with Bioclipse-R. This is also the suplementary information for the article above and includes step-by-step instructions for building and deploying predictive models using Bioclipse-R, as well as a screencast for using the resulting models.

Download Bioclipse-R

Pre-built packages are available at:
Alternatively, download Bioclipse and use the Install New Bioclipse Feature menu to get the latest Bioclipse-R version.

Source code

Available from


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