OpenTox is a FP7 project development Open Standards and Open Source platform for predictive toxicology. The goal of OpenTox is to develop an interoperable predictive toxicology framework which may be used as an enabling platform for the creation of predictive toxicology applications.

The Bioclipse-OpenTox is a set of plugins which adds functionality to Bioclipse for interacting with teh OpenTox infrastructure.


Features include uploading to and downloading data from OpenTox servers, discover new computational toxicology approaches on the OpenTox network, and perform remote computation.

Getting Bioclipse-OpenTox

Alternative 1: Download and install Bioclipse from, and then use the menu Help > Install DS Models… to select both OpenTox and Decision Support. After installing the new features you will be prompted to restart.

Alternative 2: Download and extract one of the pre-built ZIP-packages or pre-built Windows-installer.

Getting started

There is a tutorial with screencasts available at:

Source code

Git repository:

License: Eclipse Public License (EPL)